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Group Exercise

Join us anytime for a wonderful and personalized exercise experience.

Currently we offer both Yoga and Pilates classes in a small group setting at our San Diego - Kensington location. Getting started is easy! Just show up for a scheduled class time! Our professional instructors will take care of you from there.  

Getting Started

  • Registration and Payments: If it's your first time attending a Science Fitness Group Exercise Class please arrive about 5-10 minutes early to complete a simple Health History, Informed Consent form and pay fees. Cash & Checks are accepted at class. Please make checks payable to Science Fitness. If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to pre-pay online.
  • Procedures: With your paid sessions you may attend any appropriate scheduled class.
  • On arrival for a group exercise class:
  1. Please sign the check in sheet provided for your class, located on the check in table (pre-registration is not required).
  2. Select your payment / attendance card from the little black file box and place it in the cardholder.
  3. Stash your bag, jacket or whatever you bring in a cubby box. Grab any equipment you may need, found in or near the wicker basket, find a spot and get situated for class.
The class Instructor will be there to help point you in the right direction and assist with check in.
  • Attire: Wear what you will be comfortable in while breaking a sweat. Your clothing should allow full range of motion and freedom of movement. Yoga and Pilates classes are shoeless; tennis shoes (no mud please) will be fine for other classes. For some, layered clothing may be a good idea as it is a little chilly for early morning classes, but the body and the room will heat up quickly. Please do not wear scented oils, perfumes, or colognes, as some people are allergic.
  • Equipment: Science Fitness will have equipment available for you to borrow, although for sanitary reasons we suggest you purchase your own within a few class sessions.
  • Class Descriptions

Standard Classes (Offered Weekly)  

  • Yoga - Hatha/Vini: This class provides an in depth understanding of basic Yoga postures.  Emphasis is on the individual student's relationship to a posture, dynamic movement into postures and coordination of breath and movement.  The goal is to achieve deep inner relaxation and unity of body, mind, and spirit while building a stronger, more flexible body.
  • Pilates:  Lengthen and strengthen from the inside out.  Special attention focused on your powerhouse abdominals, lower back, glutes, and inner thigh muscles. This is to create a balanced physique and to correct any existing weaknesses in your body.  This is a mat class (mat provided) that often incorporates dumbbells and resistance bands.  Our wonderful instructors will help you sculpt a long, lean physique.

 Class Fees

Yoga & Pilates Classes may be purchased individually or as a package for greater savings!

Save 33% off class fees with the purchase of 20 sessions for $200! That's only $10 a class!

Package Per Class Fee Package Price
  •  Drop-In Fee
$15 -
  • 5 Class Pack
$14 $70
  • 10 Class Pack
$13 $130
  • 15 Class Pack
$12 $180
  • 20 Class Pack
$10 $200
Unlimited - $150.00/month
Private Training is available. Fees are the same as our Private Personal Traning Fees


Specialty Packages

Group Exercise Starter Pack - $29
Come in and give us a try! If you're new to group exercise or Science Fitness and would like to see what we're all about our Group Exercise Starter Pack is for you! For two weeks you'll have unlimited access to our Yoga & Pilates classes for just $29!



Class Schedule

Class Schedule -All classes currently held at Kensington Location


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